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White Colne

January 2013

Recent Events - November 2012
Dear Residents,

A very happy and healthy new year to everyone.  We hope you have all enjoyed a pleasant Xmas. As advertised in the December village update, two of our councillors have stepped down, which means we have two casual vacancies to fill by co-option. So if you have ever thought about getting more involved with village life, please give this some serious consideration. It is a voluntary position, but expenses are re-imbursed when incurred, for example for mileage when attending training or meetings outside of the village. If you would like more details please don't hesitate to either phone or email the clerk.  His contact details are on page 5.  The most important skills required are simply an enthusiasm and commitment to support our very special village.

A very big thank you then to our two departing Councillors - John Brace, and Peter Norris. John has served as vice Chair but with his increasing work commitments taking him all over the country, John could no longer give enough time to the village. Peter, who before becoming a Councillor had been beavering away on village projects in the background, has resigned in order to focus his efforts on the Hall and 50 Club and his other interests.

Lastly we have had increasing complaints about the amount of dog mess on the Meadows. Clearly it is only one or two dog owners who spoil it for everyone else. It is an offence to allow your dog to foul a public place without clearing it up - and the Meadows is a public space. To all our responsible dog owners could we please ask you to arm yourself with a camera (possibly on your phone?) and if you spot an owner failing to clear up, then take a picture of dog and owner.  We can then hand this to the dog warden as evidence for prosecution.  Let’s all make it a New Year resolution to stop this anti social behaviour.

Jane Taylor,
Chair, White Colne Parish Council

The next Stationmaster’s Arms pub event will be on Saturday 23rd March.  Further details will be emailed to those on the White Colne ‘distribution list’ and will appear in the March newsletter.  Meantime there’s a Wine Tasting Evening on Saturday 26th January and a Quiz Night on Friday 15th March - for full details see What’s on Next from the menu.

Neighbourhood News - THEFT ALERT

Attempted metal theft in White Colne

At lunchtime on Friday, 11th January a resident in Colneford Hill disturbed an attempt to steal brass fittings from a bath in his back garden. The perpetrators were two men in a silver Ford Focus estate with a registration starting KG02. Please be alert and contact the Police on 101 (non emergency) if you have any information.