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White Colne

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White Colne

March 2013

White Colne Village Hall
Friday 15th March at 7:30 pm
Teams of 4 - 6 people
£5.00 per person
**  RAFFLE **
Bring your own drinks (& glasses) and nibbles
To book a table, please contact
Chris or Rita on 01787 221919 or

Proceeds to be donated to
Headway (a charity providing brain injury care and support)
& to the Village Hall project

email your order to Rita at or phone 221919

email your order to Rita at or phone 221919

Dear Residents,

Unfortunately, we have had a spate of burglaries in the Colne Valley over the last few months. Sue

Norris, our neighbourhood watch co-ordinator, is looking for ways to improve communication

between the police and residents in her report on page 2 and we hope you will read this carefully

and be extra vigilant. White Colne still enjoys a low crime rate compared to other areas - lets do all

we can to keep it that way.

As we go to print we are meeting with BDCs officers to finalise the provision of play equipment on

the Meadows. Once the order is placed there is a lead time of 6 weeks, but we are still on track for

a Spring completion. There is more information on page 6.

Talking of the Spring, Essex County Council is still hoping to market the land behind the hall in the

next month or two. We are now just waiting for solicitors' final amendments to agreements.

The public consultation concerning problems with traffic in Boley Road took place in January and

this will now be discussed at our next Council meeting on March 19th. The draft agenda is on page

9. The final agenda will be on the web site and notice board a few days before the meeting.

Lastly, BDC has proposed that a piece of land off Colchester Road should be allocated for the

building of 10 houses. We have again strongly objected to this proposal as the land is outside the

village envelope. It would give an air of over development, it goes against the findings in our

village design statement, which has been adopted as a supplementary planning document, and it

would spoil far reaching views over the valley. At this stage we are objecting to a site allocation

document - no plans have been submitted.

Do please remember that our Council meetings are open to all and we always welcome questions

and statements during public question time

Jane Taylor,

Chair, White Colne Parish Council

The next Quiz` Night is on Friday, 15th March. There may still be space for your team.

Check with Rita on 221919

Calendar of Events 2013

March Fri 15th Quiz Night Village Hall, 7.30 pm

Sat 23rd Stationmasters Arms curry night Village Hall, 7.30 pm

May Sat 18th Stationmasters Arms Village Hall, 5.00 pm

June Sun 23rd ‘Alice in Wonderlandoutdoor theatre The Meadows, 4.00 pm

September Sat 28th Games Night and bar Village Hall, time tba

November Sat 30th Stationmasters Arms Village Hall, 5.00 pm

Parish Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday in January, March, May, July,

September & November. The Annual ElectorsMeeting is on Tuesday, 23rd April

Wine Tasting Evening… Peter Norris

Most of us who are wine drinkers have our regular favourites or we scour the supermarket shelves in search of the money off deals. This event was our chance to broaden our horizons a little, to try a few of those wines, which we normally overlook, whether coming from an unusual grape, or having an unappealing label.

Our “leader”, Andy Gill, set himself the task of finding 6 underrated wines available locally and reasonably priced. He came up with a pink sparkler, 2 whites, 2 reds and a sweet sherry. The wines were:

Codorniu Rosado Brut - Sainsbury's £6.99

Tesco Finest Picpoul (French) £7.49

Tesco Finest Albarinho Pazo Torrequintans £7.99

Trapiche Broquel Pinot Noir (Argentina) - Earls Colne and Halstead Co-op £9.99

Les Jamelles Reserve Mouvedre Vin de pay d'Oc - Co-ops as above £6.99

Sainsburys Taste the Difference Pedro Ximenes 12 yr old sweet sherry £7.99 (50 cl)

To complement these wines, Sarah Adlem produced a delicious three course supper of smoked salmon pate, Spanish chicken casserole and vanilla ice cream surprise. Hadleys vanilla ice cream with the sweet sherry drizzled over was very good indeed.

42 villagers and guests attended and had an enjoyable and entertaining evening. Most were amazed we were able to provide the wines and food for the modest ticket price of £7.50…and we made a small profit for 50 Club funds!

Many thanks to Andy for his help in planning the event and during the evening, to Sarah for spending most of her Saturday in the kitchen (with great results), to Laura Giles for helping Sarah, to Rita and others who helped prepare and clear up.

Neighbourhood Watch… Sue Norris

Over the last few months there have been several occasions when I wanted to inform residents as soon as possible about criminal activity in White Colne, the most recent being attempted metal theft in Colneford Hill on Friday, 11th January and locks forced on a metal garden shed in Boley Road in December. If you would like to be alerted to local issues (usually fairly infrequent) please forward your email address to And remember, if you see anything suspicious call the local non-emergency police number – 101. is a new website, just launched, specifically for

Neighbourhood Watch in the

Braintree District. It gives the very

latest on local criminal activity plus

advice from the local Crime

Prevention Officer.

The police are currently concerned

that theft of catalytic converters is still

commonplace in the Braintree area.

Some vehicles are more at risk –

those with high clearance such as

vans, 4x4s and motor homes – if you

own one of these please look at the

notice shown here.

# # # #
Recent Events - March 2013

Fuel for Thought – Do You Use Heating Oil? Rita Pearcey

Chances are you’re paying too much!

The Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) launched a new countywide community based oil

buying scheme last year. By bringing communities together to make the most of joint buying

power greater savings can be made and passed on to customers. Its now part of a growing

network of schemes run by rural community councils in other counties and the power of group

buying is going from strength to strength.

To join the scheme you need to pay an annual membership fee, which will cover as many oil

orders as you need during the course of the year. The fee for domestic use is £20, for business

use £100.

Recent examples of savings:

May 2012: Members paid 52.82p per litre (+VAT @ 5%), against an average price of 59p (highest

price: 69p) + VAT. On a 1000 litre order members saved over £60 against the average price


November 2012: Members paid 57.39p per litre (+VAT @ 5%), against an average price of 64.22p

(highest price: 71.65p) + VAT). On a 1000 litre order members saved £68.30 against the average


If you are interested in joining the scheme, follow these five steps:

1. Join the RCCE Oil Buying Scheme: Request a membership form from RCCE Trading CIC

(Tel: 01376 574340) or apply via the RCCE website

2. Wait to hear from your *local co-ordinator: On receipt of your application form RCCE will let

your local co-ordinator know that you have joined the scheme. Each month they will contact you

by phone or email to ask whether you want to place an order. The minimum order is 500 litres.

3. Place an order: Let your local co-ordinator know you want to buy oil. Each month he/she

submits a total village order to RCCE. Your order increases their negotiating power, so once

submitted is regarded as binding.

4. Sit back whilst RCCE negotiates the price: RCCE negotiates the best price from a whole

range of suppliers. Your local co-ordinator will advise you who the supplier is, the price per litre

(exclusive of VAT) and the approximate date of delivery.

5. Take delivery of the oil and pay the company: The oil will be delivered as soon as possible

and you pay the company supplying the oil direct.

For more information see the RCCE website: or contact Oil Enquiries on

01376 574340 or Email:

* Local Co-ordinator: White Colne doesn’t have one but that doesn’t preclude residents from

joining the scheme. A co-ordinator from RCCE will fulfil this role until one is found.

If you’d like to volunteer to be the local co-ordinator it requires an hour or two each month to get

the scheme off the ground in the village and keep it ticking over. A co-ordinator does not have to

negotiate prices, handle any money, maintain membership records or get involved in problems

between oil suppliers and customers but they do need to be reliable, well organised and have

access to the internet/home computer. They will get FREE membership of the scheme so will

have the advantage of saving on oil purchases without the up-front cost.

RCCE is a well respected registered charity which has been working to support rural communities since its

formation in 1929.

# #

Play Equipment… Jane Taylor

For some months now we have been reporting on the (slow) progress of the planning application to build holiday cabins on land east of Boley Road.  Although the Parish Council opposed the application, there is a benefit to the village in the form of a section 106 payment which developers are obliged to make available to the local council to use for the provision or enhancement of open space close to the site.  The Parish Council has agreed with BDC that a children’s play area will be built on The Meadows.  The bulk of the cost will be met from the S106 payment with the balance coming from Parish Council funds.

In consultation with a number of suppliers, we have tried to provide a worthwhile number and variety of types of equipment aimed primarily at younger children.  This reflects the results from the completed questionnaires distributed with the newsletter in March 2012.

This artist’s impression shows the proposed layout and approximate location on the edge of the mown area and wild flower meadow, with the pavilion in the background.  There is an eight week lead in time, and we now just await BDC’s confirmation that our quotations show good value. Fingers crossed that the equipment should be ready by the Spring.

Allotments… John Watt

      There is one allotment still available to rent.  Now is the time        to get out there and grow your own – one way to be sure of        what you are eating!  

      Interested?  Then call John on 223582 or email


There was a burglary in Bures Road during the day on Friday 15 March. Thieves broke in through double glazed French doors and stole a lap top and jewellery. They also broke into the shed and took a petrol lawn mower.

Also in Bures Road last week thieves unsuccessfully attempted to break in to a garage probably with the intention of removing the fold up door for scrap metal. The mechanism of the door jammed and prevented this.