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White Colne Parish Council Documents Archive

White Colne

Parish Council

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White Colne

Parish Council

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White Colne

White Colne Parish Council Minutes - Previous Years  

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Parish Council Minutes -

Meeting held on Monday 6th October 2008 at 7.30 pm.

at The Village Hall, Bures Road, White Colne

Present :  Cllr S Adlem, Cllr C Pearcey, Cllr J Watt (Chairman)  Also Present:  Clerk D Williams and 5 members of the public attended.

988. Cllr J Watt was elected as chairman just for this meeting, there being no other nominations.

989. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE -  Cllr M Abrahams, Cllr J Taylor.

990. DECLARATION OF INTERESTS – None. The chairman said that a quorum of three could make decisions on behalf of the council.


The meeting was suspended for questions and statements. There were no public questions nor statements.The meeting was resumed.


08/01727/OUT           7 Colne Park Road – erection of detached single storey three bed bungalow with detached     

                                  garage, together with alterations to existing vehicular – we object to this application as we

                                   consider that this proposed development will cram the site and is against policy RLP3 regarding

                                   development of infill plots and inappropriate backland development in this conservation area.

                                   The chairman of Braintree District Council said in a recent report that the District Council have

                                   already achieved the target of new builds in the district.

08/01795/TPO           27 Colne Park Road – tree works – no objections subject to neighbours’ views and the views of

                                   the tree warden.

08/01837/TPOCON   3 Colchester Road – tree works  – no objections subject to neighbours’ views and the views of

                                   the tree warden.


Cllr Watt referred to a proposed application to Essex County Council Highways Department (Highways) for highways related expenditure and said that the application should be submitted by the end of October, with preliminary advice to Highways by the end of September. The clerk was asked to send the preliminary advice to Highways.

Cllr Adlem said that bus shelter costs were excluded from this scheme and it was therefore agreed that Cllrs Pearcey and Watt would complete and submit an application by the end of October for a mobile speed indicator advice together with a raised footpath for disabled access to buses at the bus stop if the cost of both items fell within the scheme guidelines. The clerk was asked to establish the cost of the raised footpath from Earls Colne Parish Council and advise Cllrs Pearcey and Watt.

There being no further business the parish council meeting was closed at 7.55 pm