What’s an Apnea Mask?

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The easy definition is that an apnea mask is a tool used within the treatment of sleep apnea. However that does not inform you very a lot does it? To grasp what the mask is, you first have to grasp what the time period apnea refers to Kn95 Safety Respirator Disposable Medical Masks For Sale.

The time period apena is derived from a Greek phrase which implies a “transient cessation of respiration,” in different phrases, a short stoppage of respiratory. The overall medical time period used most frequently is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) which is a severe sleep problem that thousands and thousands of individuals undergo from.

OSA victims expertise a number of respiratory stoppages all through the night time whereas they sleep. More often than not, they don’t seem to be even conscious that they are occurring. However they undergo the outcomes none the much less. That is as a result of the respiratory stoppages rob the body of wanted oxygen and relaxation. The results of which is that an OSA sufferer feels drained and run down more often than not and has a troublesome time specializing in duties at hand, and so on.

Masks for air

An apnea mask is the machine that is used to ship air to the blocked airway to prop it open throughout sleep. This method is named Steady Constructive Airway Pressure (aka CPAP). With the airway constantly open in the course of the night time, an apnea sufferer can sink right into a deep sleep and get the remainder they should keep wholesome and alert.

Mask types

Masks are available primary varieties. There are nasal pillow masks that seal in opposition to the nostrils, nasal masks that seal fully across the nostril, and full-face masks that seal round each the nostril and mouth. Every is efficient in its personal method and naturally every appeals to totally different sufferers for various causes.

Different equipment

The masks themselves are hooked as much as CPAP machines which create the constructive air pressure within the first place. The machines are normally compact gadgets that may match on the night time stand or below the bed. The mask connections happen by versatile hosing.

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